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Our Process
Our three-part process is designed to allow you to hear, reflect on, and then receive strategic input on your prophetic word.
15-minute prophecy session

This private session with the prophetic team will take approximately 15 minutes. These sessions will take place either in person, if you're based in Cape Town, or online over Zoom, if you'd prefer this or are based outside of Cape Town. Our prophetic team trusts God to show them His heart for you; how He has made you; promises He has for you; encouragement and guidance for victory and breakthrough. We'll record this and will provide you with a recording.

Part One — Receive
Type out your prophetic word

You'll type out your prophetic word word-for-word in English in a recognised word processor.

Understand your personality

Complete the free DISC assessment available on The report will provide insights into how you are made.

Email us

You have approximately 3 months from the date of your Prophetic session to email us your typed up prophetic word and your DISC report. Once we have these, we setup your 2-hour review appointment.

Reflect and prepare

Take time to reflect and speak to God about the words you’ve received while waiting for your review appointment.

Part Two — Reflect

You will participate in a private and confidential prophetic review session in which we will:

  • Discuss insights from your prophetic words and personality profile 

  • Coach you in hearing God’s voice to overcome obstacles and doubts you’re facing

  • Activate your faith to take steps you believe God requires of you

Part Three — Review
Review appointment

* If finances are a problem, please contact us. We'd like to ensure that the cost isn't preventing your participation. The R150 donation helps us cover maintenance and hosting costs for our digital presence. 

Our role in the prophetic discovery process.

Prophetic Teams: Our team is motivated by love and not self-promotion. The prophetic team members trust God to show them His heart for you; how He has made you; promises He has for you; encouragement and guidance for victory and breakthrough. All this as God leads them. They don’t have control over what God shares with them, but very often the bulk of the insights they receive will be to do with who you are and how you were made. They will encourage, edify and build you up.

Review Teams: Review your prophetic words and DISC profile, trusting God to highlight areas His grace is on for breakthrough/healing. Pray for the one-on-one review. Facilitate a Holy Sprit led, private and confidential session. Present insights from the prophetic word and DISC profile in a way that is not prescriptive/forceful and that is honouring of your relationship with God and life context. Coach on hearing God, making declarations, taking steps of faith.

Why go through the Prophetic Discovery process?
Discover who you are
There are many self-discovery processes available which provide tools and techniques for people to discover their purpose, mission and vision in order to live a more directed, effective and fulfilled life. Many of these are helpful, but we believe that hearing from our creator, God, about who we are and what our
purpose is, is the most reliable tool for self-discovery. In Prophetic Discovery, we use prophecy as a tool for self-discovery. We also use the DISC temperament and gifting assessment tool to help you understand yourself.
Align your life with God’s perspective
In the review session we coach you how to align your thinking and actions to God’s perspective in the prophetic words
  • We declare God’s powerful words over your life and take negative thoughts about yourself captive.
  • We seek to understand His strategy for the season you’re in and take appropriate actions in faith
  • We hear from God together what specific actions He requires of you.
  • We identify how to take action on invitations and promises.
Learn how to stay on track
We believe everyone can hear God’s voice for themselves and this is critical for keeping aligned with God’s path and purpose for you. In the Review appointment we facilitate conversations between you and God that help you ask Him good questions concerning His words to you or your situation and struggles, and hear answers for yourself.
(We call this process “prayer counselling”). This equips you with “tools” and confidence in drawing on God on your future journey through life and maintaining a good connection with Him through tough and challenging times.
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